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  • 免費寬帶服務
    10 Must Buy Reasons


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    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

        Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional festival of reunion in China. On this day, families across China have dinner together to celebrate this high-spirited occasion. The highlight of the day is of course the delightful moon-cake, which everyone takes pleasure in eating. Recently, Kande International Hotel established a new food production method utilizing the latest asepsis techniques and equipment in the world, guaranteeing a fresh and hygienic product. A clean production area and our professional Chinese moon-cake chef guarantee a moon-cake of the highest standard. Kande offers a selection of the finest quality moon-cakes including the “Classic moon cake”,the “White Lotus with Double Yolk Moon-Cake”,the“Red Lotus with Double Yolk Moon-Cake”and many more. We also offer a choice of packaging styles to complement our delicious moon-cakes; the “Noble”and“Traditional”designs.

        What we care about is quality and what we are concerned about are our customers. Each moon cake is created with our best wishes and blessings.

        In order to maintain total freshness during the production of our moon-cakes we produce them just before the mid-Autumn festival. The ingredients that make up these moon-cakes such as flour, lotus seeds, salted duck eggs, special syrup and lard are all bought from reputable suppliers. We use more than 80 kinds of fillings like sesame seeds and ground lotus seeds to make our high quality moon-cakes. Not only are the fillings important, but also the appearance of the cake. We vacuum pack the final product at least three times guaranteeing ultimate freshness.


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