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  • 免費寬帶服務
    Featured Offers

    Superior Room

    Rooms Features
    ●15 cm thick glass, sound insulation design to the door, sound insulation effect is

    ●The remote control of the central air conditioning system;
    ●Guest rooms with intelligent control system integration;
    ●Touch-slide switch control panel;
    ●USB connections for IPod, MP3, DC, DV, PDA, cell phone, laptop and ports for

      intelligent equipments;
    ●Open completely, transparent bathroom design;
    ●Equipped with various stationery, free connection to the Internet and wireless

      Internet in 100 M wire speed;
    ●Administrative floor can be free to enjoy “Grill de Noblesse" services;
    ●All of our guests can enjoy swimming pool, fitness center for free;
    ●Executive suites are equipped with fax machine, DVD, ultra-thin LED HD TV.

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