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  • Privacy Policy

    Kande Policy

    You to Kande hotel or resort reservations made ??after the guarantee, for any reason we can not give you the room, we will arrange your stay full fee another hotel, the hotel will provide you with free long distance calls and referral services as you stay another a hotel and arrange transportation to pick you back to our hotel, that is, we would most want you to stay in that room.

    Family Planning

    Family planning to the hotel stay in the same room with their parents children under 12, free accommodation, if necessary, the hotel offers free extra bed (subject to time the hotel has an extra bed available) to give the children the age of 12. If your family needs more than one room, each room will be the number of adults charged.

    Children's Meal Plan

    City Hotel: Check the hotel guests have of children under six, to enjoy in a meal at their own expense, accompanied by adults, can be all-day dining restaurant (coffee shop) and Pool Cafes (poolside restaurant / bar), free access to buffet (limited to up to two children under six). Additional children under six, or more than six children under 12 years old, enjoy 50% discount.

    Resort: Check the hotel guests have of children under 12 years old, to enjoy in a meal at their own expense, accompanied by adults, can be all-day dining restaurant (coffee shop) and Pool Cafes (poolside restaurant / bar), free buffet (limited to up to two children under 12 years old). Additional children under 12, enjoy 50% discount.

    City and resort hotels: the non-hotel guests under 12 years old children, enjoy a meal at their own expense, accompanied by adults at all-day dining restaurant (coffee shop) meals, enjoy 50% discount.

    Privacy Protection

    Kande customers and business partners to respect the privacy of, and to try to save your information confidential. Because your personal data is stored in a database of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, we will refer to the relevant laws to protect your personal information.

    Anonymous Browsing

    Those of this website will be on an anonymous basiswww.zxxfw.cnwebsite. Unless the browser to voluntarily request this site and fill in personal information, otherwise this site will not be made ??by your own computer or email address and other personal identity information.

    Your personal information and Kande Privacy Policy

    Unless the customer specifically asked for personal information be kept confidential, otherwise we will use the personal data of customers for marketing purposes, such as the collection of travel patterns, tailoring promotions and business partner program, part of the case, we will work with a reliable business partners share information for marketing purposes.

    We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your data is stored in Kande under close protection; however, encountered beyond the control of unauthorized or accidental, Kande will not bear any legal responsibility. If necessary, you can via email:marcom@kandehotel.com, Modify personal data. Be sure to e-mail detailing the data collection sources.


    We will be hosting of "cookies" to collect the data you use this site to provide you with a more friendly web browsing experience. "Cookies" are from the Web server to your browser and stored in the storage device in the user some brief information. "Cookies" will not be used to track your contact or personal information. However, when you choose to provide services on our website your personal information, such information may be stored in "cookies" in the.

    Use "cookies" so that we know which pages are popular, so you visit our website get better service. We will use "cookies" to track your personal preferences, such as to confirm your identity and login to access your user account on this site, and to offer your products and services.